$4.2 Million – 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund for Single Female Executive

Hearing before Victims Compensation Board, Master Arbiter Kenneth Feinberg, Trial Lawyers Care (TLC). Case was taken on a Pro Bono Basis in which no fee was taken for an … [Read More]


$8.75 Million – Wrongful Death of Father of Four

A father of four who was tragically killed on board the Staten Island Ferry Boat Andrew J. Barberi when it crashed into an auxiliary pier. … [Read More]


$6.5 Million – Loss of Limb in a Maritime Accident on SI Ferry

A man lost his leg below the knee while a passenger on board the Staten Island Ferry Boat Andrew J. Barberi when it crashed into an auxiliary pier. … [Read More]


$3.25 Million – Back Surgery for Female in Auto Accident

A young woman was injured in an auto accident and suffered injuries to her back that required surgery. The insurance company disputed the injuries as being unrelated to the … [Read More]


$3.1 Million – Motor Vehicle Accident Involving Postal Worker

A postal worker operating a delivery truck was involved in a motor vehicle accident which required back surgery. His injuries were highly disputed by the insurance company as … [Read More]


2.45 Million – Construction Accident – Engineer Required Back Surgery After Crane Mishap

A crane operator at a construction site in Brooklyn, New York dropped a thirty-foot long steel rebar cage  that came into contact with the Plaintiff Project  Engineer who … [Read More]


$2.2 Million – Bridge Construction Accident

Awarded as part of a 6.9 Million Dollar settlement with four bridge laborers. The worker fell from an elevated height during a scaffold collapse on the Williamsburg bridge and … [Read More]


$1.8 Million Dollars – Construction Accident Due To Scaffold Collapse

A construction worker injured when a scaffold collapsed during the construction of a New Jersey High School. … [Read More]


$1.6 Million – Mass Transit Bus Accident

A bus driver claimed an emergency situation caused him to veer the bus he was operating off the roadway. A female passenger suffered injuries to her shoulder and leg that … [Read More]


$1.5 Million – A Sheet Rocker that Fell from Scaffold

A scaffold collapse in a Manhattan skyscraper caused a sheet rocker to fall to the ground and suffer a back injury that required surgery. … [Read More]


$1.5 Million – Construction Worker that Fell from Roof

A construction worker who was performing work on the roof of a building fell due to a lack of safety equipment. He injured his leg and required an operation. … [Read More]

roofer st sunset

$1.3 Million Dollars – Stair Collapse at Construction Site

A visitor to a construction site severely fractured his ankle when the stairs he was descending collapsed. The general contractor and subcontractor disputed responsibility. … [Read More]


$1.3 Million – Boating Accident at World Financial Center

A woman who was a passenger on a ferry that operated between New Jersey and New York suffered a back injury that required surgery when the boat improperly docked. … [Read More]

Wrecked car ferry off the coast of the Yukatan Peninsula

$1.2 million Dollars – Ferry Crew Member Accident

A Staten Island ferry crew member who was injured when a gangway leading to the ferry collapsed. … [Read More]


$1 Million – Bicyclist Hit by Motor Vehicle

An Ocean County New Jersey man suffered injuries to his shoulder and knee while operating his bicycle when he was hit by a motor vehicle under an overpass in which the vehicle … [Read More]

Broken bike