Italian Cruise Ship Disaster Caused By Showboating? Maritime Lawyers to Ponder the Legal Ramifications.

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Five bodies wearing life vests were discovered from the capsized Costa Concordia raising the number of deceased to at least eleven.  Transcripts of recordings were released revealing a shouting match between the cruise ship captain, Francesco Schettino and Coast Guard Officer Gregorio Maria De Falco.  Apparently the Coast Guard forced Captain Schettino, after he abandoned the boat,  to return to the ship to share in rescue efforts.  Unforgivably, a possible reason for the cruise ship sailing so close to the shore line was sheer “Show-Boating”. Captain Schettino is said to have steered the boat close to land to display the $450 million cruise ship to the residents off the coast of Tuscany. The legal ramifications of such conduct must be considered by maritime lawyers in assessing fault for the disaster.

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