$90 Million – Global Payout for Claimant Group of S.I. Ferry Crash

Due to operator and administrative errors, a Staten Island Ferry owned and operated by the City of New York, crashed into an auxiliary pier.

$6.5 Million – Maritime Accident on S.I. Ferry

A man lost his leg below the knee while a passenger on board the Staten Island Ferry Boat Andrew J. Barberi when it crashed into an auxiliary pier.

$3.25 Million – Back Surgery for Female in Auto Accident

A young woman was injured in a car accident and suffered injuries to her back that required surgery. The insurance company disputed the injuries as being unrelated to the accident.

$2.45 Million – Crane Mishap at Construction Site

A crane operator at a construction site in Brooklyn, New York dropped a thirty-foot long steel rebar cage that came into contact with the Plaintiff Project Engineer who then required back surgery. The Defendant general contractor disputed its responsibility based upon rented machinery and a borrowed-worker/crane operator.

$2.2 Million – Bridge Repair Construction Accident

Awarded as part of a 6.9 Million Dollar settlement with four bridge laborers. The worker fell from an elevated height during a scaffold collapse on the Williamsburg bridge and injured his feet and lower part of his body.

$1.6 Million- Woman Involved Mass Transit Bus Accident

A bus driver claimed an emergency situation caused him to veer the bus he was operating off the roadway. A female passenger suffered injuries to her shoulder and leg that required surgery. In a highly disputed liability claim the New York City Transit Authority was found responsible for the accident.

$1.5 Million – Construction Worker Fall from Scaffold

A scaffold collapse in a Manhattan skyscraper caused a sheet rocker to fall to the ground and suffer a back injury that required surgery.

$1.3 Million – Water Taxi Accident at World Financial Center

A woman who was a passenger on a water taxi that operated between New Jersey and New York suffered a back injury that required surgery when the boat improperly docked.

$1.2 Million – Ferry Crew Member Accident

A Staten Island water taxi crew member who was injured when a gangway leading to the water taxi collapsed.

$1 Million – Delivery Person Injured on the Job

While making a delivery to a commercial location a delivery person fell down an open shaft that was missing rails. The insurance carrier claimed that it was an open and obvious condition for which its insured had no responsibility.

$1 Million – Bicyclist Hit by Motor Vehicle

An Ocean County New Jersey man suffered injuries to his shoulder and knee while operating his bicycle when he was hit by a motor vehicle under an overpass in which the vehicle operator claimed visual distractions from the sun and change in lighting conditions.

$925,000.00 – Burns from Scalding Water

An elderly woman suffered burns due to scalding water while taking a bath when visiting her relatives at a New York City Housing Project.

$675,000.00 – Construction Worker Fall in Foundation Beam Pocket

While working at a New Jersey construction site a laborer fell into the foundation of a beam pocket and injured his knee requiring surgery. The insurance company highly disputed the responsibility of the general contractor as the hole the worker fell into was open and obvious.

$650,000.00 – Scaffold Collapse During Insulation Installation

A construction laborer performing insulation installation fell from a scaffold that collapsed suffering a back injury that did not require surgery.


A father of four who was tragically killed on board the Staten Island Ferry Boat Andrew J. Barberi when it crashed into an auxiliary pier.

$4.2 Million- 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund Wrongful Death

Hearing before Victims Compensation Board, Master Arbiter Kenneth Feinberg, Trial Lawyers Care (TLC). Case was taken on a Pro Bono Basis in which no fee was taken for an award to the family of a single female executive.

$3.1 Million – Motor Vehicle Accident Involving Postal Worker

A postal worker operating a delivery truck was involved in a motor vehicle accident which required back surgery. His injuries were highly disputed by the insurance company as a pre‑existing condition. With a portion of the recovery in the form of a structure, the total settlement yield is over $4 million dollars.

$2.35 Million – Worker Injured at Land Fill Flare Station

During the construction/modification of a flare station at the Fresh Kills Landfill, a worker was injured when he fell from an elevated height while attempting to close off a valve that was lacking a ground level chain mechanism.

$1.8 Million – Scaffold Collapse at Construction Site

A construction worker injured when a scaffold collapsed during the construction of a New Jersey High School.

$1.5 Million – Failure to Provide Construction Worker Safety Devices

A carpenter fell from the second deck of a residential construction site injuring his foot and ankle. The general contractor failed to provide the worker safety devices required by N.Y. Labor Law section 240(1).

$1.45 Million – Construction Worker that Fell from Roof

A construction worker who was performing work on the roof of a building fell due to a lack of safety equipment. He injured his leg and required an operation.

$1.3 Million – Stair Collapse at Construction Site

A visitor to a construction site severely fractured his ankle when the stairs he was descending collapsed. The general contractor and subcontractor disputed responsibility.

$1.15 Million – Motorist Shot by Police Officer

After a traffic altercation a motorist was shot by an off duty police officer. The City of New York was held responsible for the actions of its employee.

$1 Million – Police Officer Injured as President’s Escort

A New York City police officer who was assigned to then President Clinton’s presidential detail was injured when his scooter was rear ended by another officer. He suffered seizure and brain trauma injuries. Issues of law required the case to be argued at the Appellate level.

$1 Million – Dock Worker injured in Fork Lift Accident

A worker on a pier where a ship was being loaded was struck by a fork lift causing a leg injury that required surgery.

$700,000.00 – Hit-and-Run Accident Where Vehicle Left the Scene

A phantom vehicle came into contact with a truck on the BQE causing the on the job passenger to suffer back injures. A claim was made against the Uninsured Motorist provision of the host vehicle truck. The case went from an arbitration to the Appellate level where it was affirmed in favor of the injured passenger.

$650,000 DOLLARS – Woman Falls Down Defective Staircase

A Woman fell down a defective staircase in a Brooklyn apartment complex where she resided. She suffered a fractured ankle requiring surgery. The insurance company initially refused to pay a settlement until after a jury was selected.

$500,000.00 – Police Officer Responding to an Emergency Call

A Police Officer responding to an emergency call fell due to the defective nature of steps at the location and required knee surgery.

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